How to be intelligently foolish – Be a Mr. Know It All

July 8, 2006


 These people think they know everything. When it comes to conversation… they talk like an encyclopedia. They are more into the “what when who where why and how”… but lack the human perspective of the subject… the feelings, emotions, concerns of the people who brought up the topic. He just goes his own joy ride of bullshit talk and doesn’t even notice that people are covering their ears to his rubbish! 

I give my respect to some highly intelligent people who really deserves it, those who impart their knowledge in the right situations (seminars, a book, a blog, formal meetings etc.), those who are successful in their fields… those who have contributed to their fellow men… those who have done unselfish acts… But to the Mr. Know It All who doesn’t have the idea that he is a loser in every definition of the word, he really pisses me off!  

He’s talking about psychology but he doesn’t analyze his own brain activities to realize that it has a major malfunction in human relation!   

Another instance is during a conversation with Ms. A who will undergo a major operation… everyone is giving emotional support and he talks about the details of the operation… hello? Are you the doctor?!!!   

He talks about entrepreneurship / starting a new business, a good location, a good product… on and on… on and on… but doesn’t ACT on it! What the @#^&! Walk the talk you fool! If not stop talking! 

Sure he may have a high I.Q. but that ain’t gonna do him any good when dealing with people! Hey Mr. Know It All what you need is a good emotional quotient! And since you are too intelligent you should have figure that out by yourself!


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